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Creative LED Display

The creative LED screen, also known as the special-shaped LED screen, has a stronger visual impact than the traditional LED display screen.Compared with the traditional LED display, its biggest feature is that it can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building, and the shape and dimension of the LED screen can be customized according to requirements.


Fengzhou has developed various shaped modules such as triangle, trapezoid, circle, parallelogram, etc., which can be combined into wave LED screen, donut LED screen, curved LED screen, circular LED screen, conical LED screen, spherical LED screen, rhombus LED screen, diamond LED display, and other shapes, regular or irregular geometric LED displays.


Fengzhou also has specially developed LED sky screen, LED time tunnel screen, LED glass plank road screen,Interactive LED floor tile screen, Glasses-free 3D LED display, Most our cutomers like them.

Creative LED Display