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        1.We promise that the displays, modules and all accessories are guaranteed for 2 years.and ,the second,the product life span is over 100,000 hours,in these 2 terms, if there is any problem with the product, we will replace or repair our product free of charge, and all the costs incurred will be borne by us.

        2.You don't have to worry about not knowing how to install your LED display, we will provide a very detailed installation video about your LED display, so that you can install it yourself after receiving .This is a personalized and unique video specially for your LED display. Every foreign customer will receive a detailed installation video for his product.Truly understand and practically solve the customer's difficulties and needs is our duty, and it is something we are very happy to do.

       3.We have very rich experience in project operation and a team of professional and skilled engineers. We will also provide professional on-site installation technical guidance, on-site commissioning, product training and maintenance services, and provide your engineers with a full set of software and hardware training, allowing them to master operation and maintenance. If necessary, our team can go to your country to help with installation and maintenance.

      4.We will conduct regular return visits to customers at least twice a year to understand the operation situation of products and the needs of customer, provide re-training and guidance, and update the software for free.