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       1.Shenzhen Fengzhou Technology Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service of all the company's products. The customer service center has established a complete service system, and has a strong, well-trained and skilled service team. Now our customer service center is composed of more than a dozen skilled and experienced technical support engineers, who are fully responsible for the global technical support work. The customer service center is continuously improving the service level and quality, providing customers with strong material guarantees to the greatest extent, and meeting customer needs in a timely and efficient manner.

The user is the center, the service is the fundamental, and all the inquiries will be answered and all the complaints will be answered.Think what users think, worry about what users want, and meet customer needs as the first goal.

       3.We have very professional international sales team ,online 24 hours a day, who will answer your questions patiently and in detail, and provide the most economical product solutions according to your requirements. We believe that the most suitable solution for customers is the best solution.

        4.We will provide videos of all the processes of your LED display, including production, assembly, debugging, packaging to transportation before delivery, so that you can grasp the quality of the product in real time. The geographical distance increases the difficulty of the transaction, so we will handle every link carefully and carefully to reduce your worries and troubles.Your trust is our greatest motivation and pursuit.

        5.You just need to tell me your size and application scenario, we'll take care of everything for you,we have very professional and experienced engineers, who will help you arrange everything, including choosing product , production drawing, production and transportation management.

        6.The products are strictly inspected by our engineers after QC inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that the product quality is in the best condition.

        7.We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory at your convenience, we will welcome you warmly and accompany you to visit our factory throughout the process, so that you can increase the trust and understanding of us.