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FFB series Indoor and Outdoor LED Display 640x640

FFB series Indoor and Outdoor LED Display 640x640

Indoor and Outdoor LED screen is ideal for digital signage and advertising, Robust high brightness outdoor led display enthrall the viewers and convey information in a visually appealing manner. These displays can be customized to make larger than life displays. Our outdoor led screen deliver vibrant output even under direct sunlight.

Pixel Pitch:P4, P5, P6.67, P8, P10

Module size:  320x160mm

Features:High accuracy, Quick installation, Ultra-light and thin, High strength and great heat dissipation

Application:Indoor and Outdoor

  • FFB series Indoor and Outdoor LED Display 640x640
  • FFB series Indoor and Outdoor LED Display 640x640
  • FFB series Indoor and Outdoor LED Display 640x640

Indoor Application

Fixed Indoor LED Display enliven your indoor environment by delivering a spectacular viewing experience. These dynamic displays captivate the audience and are an ideal communication medium for like retail stores, theaters, corporate lobbies, banks, command and control centers, etc.

Outdoor Application

The high resolution LED screen is known for displaying great quality pictures and videos to a broader audience. Highly usable for outdoor advertising such as banks, stages, promotion, exhibitions, highways, stations, stadiums and other outdoor areas.


Excellent performance

Has excellent contrast, let people enjoy the amazing picture display effect; high refresh, make the display very smooth.

High brightness up to 10000+nits, used in various outdoor environments

Expand  Audience  Reach

Vertical angle of 140°, horizontal viewing angle of 140°


Cabinet advantage

The assemble structure is convenient and easy, Ultra-light and thin

High precision and flatness, it is through CNC machining, the flatness tolerance of 0.03mm

High strength, durability, great heat dissipation
High universality, can be processed according to module drawing, used for outdoor and indoor

IP65 protection grade, can be used in various outdoor environments.


Used For Football Stadium

Cabinet Top cushion that protect the players from Injury.

Soft rubber cover that protect the led lamps from striking by ball or player.

Cabinet viewing angle can be adjusted flexibly(65°- 75°- 90°) that enhances viewers’ visibility.


Some popular construction methods for indoor and outdoor video walls include:

Ground supported – The screen sits on the ground.

Wall mounted – The screen is mounted to the wall.

Flown – The screen is hung from a structure above it.

Pole mounted – The screen is mounted from a vertical pole.

Truss supported – The screen is mounted with aluminum truss equipment.

Mobile – The screen is mounted onto a truck or trailer.