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LED display market potential is under great pressure, global LED display market outlook in 2021

Date: 2021.10.18View: 914

           LED display market potential is under great pressure, global LED display market outlook in 2021.

          With the increasing demand for LED displays in the rental market, HDR market applications, retail department stores, and conference rooms, the global LED display market will reach 9.349 billion US dollars in 2022. The compound growth rate from 2018 to 2022 is estimated to be 12%. It will maintain a relatively fast growth rate, among which the small spacing. display is the biggest driving force for market growth.

          At present, the largest commercial market for small-pitch LED displays comes from cultural and entertainment venues such as enterprises and education, high-end retail, hotels, and theaters. The penetration rate of LED displays in these application fields is not high, and there is greater growth potential to replace them in the future. Traditional LCD, DLP and projection display.

           Full color led display

           The HDR display application market includes movie theaters, home theaters, bars and theme parks.

           The three major development trends of the cinema market include the tide of replacement of old equipment, differentiated positioning of markets and products, and effective management of operations and funds.

           Laser light sources will have the opportunity to enter the light source replacement market. Laser light sources have advantages in brightness, product life and color saturation. The 30,000lm 4K RGB laser projector will become a key product in the high-end projection market for five years.

          The new cinema installation market emphasizes market and product differentiation, and high-end cinemas emphasize high-quality and immersive audio-visual effects. In terms of image display, high-definition movie theaters will be the market for projector manufacturers and LED display manufacturers to compete for the market. Compared with the 4KRGB laser projection solution, the price of the LED display is higher and the future trend may be towards P1.9 high-definition display.

           From the launch of the first small-pitch LED display product in the market to the present, six or seven years of rapid growth have gone through the "green years". The to B market has gradually entered a mature development period. With the improvement of technology and the decline of prices, Market acceptance has also further improved.

         The LED rental screen market grows steadily

           Due to the fact that even-numbered years (such as 2014, 2016, 2018) there are more sports around the world, and election activities drive the rental market demand. With the increase in demand for flexible assembly and the development of the trend of smaller pitches for led displays, it is estimated that the led rental display market will show a relatively stable growth by 2022.